Following the birth of her first child, Sara Quinn was ready to create something of her own a little closer to home. She wanted the freedom to design her own life. She had been working in Dallas for over a decade, but as a new mother, she was determined to find a way to balance design and her new role. Sara took the leap, and 13THIRTY DESIGNS was established in 2016. Since then, she has been lucky enough to watch her children grow alongside her business. Now, 13THIRTY DESIGNS has expanded into its own design studio. Juggling entrepreneurship and motherhood is a masterclass in multi-tasking every day, and it all happens here at 13THIRTY DESIGNS.

13THIRTY DESIGNS | Full Service Interior Design | Southlake, TX
13THIRTY DESIGNS | Full Service Interior Design | Sara Quinn

Sara Quinn


Sara has had a passion for design from a very young age. Following that passion, she studied interior design at Baylor University and obtained a bachelor's degree in 2006. Not long after graduating and landing her dream job, the recession hit and the design industry took a downturn. For the next several years, Sara took any job that would keep her designing, from multi-family residential to hospitality and healthcare. Those experiences helped her to hone her craft and develop an unflinching adaptability. The lessons she learned about the practicalities that accompany creative design laid the foundation for 13THIRTY DESIGNS.

When she isn’t designing for clients, you can find Sara with family, enjoying the simple things—like lavender lattés and impromptu kitchen dance parties.

13THIRTY DESIGNS | Full Service Interior Design | Southlake, TX

Amy Bei


Amy has been supporting creatives as a project manager since 2005. Systematic and thoughtful, she thrives behind the scenes, handling the minutia so that the team is free to be their most creative selves. Around the office, she's known as the keeper of the schedule, the left side of the team's brain, and Sara's work wife. Her compassionate spirit and approachable personality make her fast friends with every client. 

When she isn't keeping the team on track, she's a busy wife and mom, running her two active sons around or getting away for the weekend to go trailer camping in the great outdoors. 

13thir13THIRTY DESIGNS | Full Service Interior Design | Southlake, TXty Design | Full Service Interior

Loren Welsh


Loren's initial role at 13THIRTY was in social media marketing. After graduating from college, she joined the 13THIRTY team full time as a design assistant and content curator. 

Loren brings to the table an advertising background and a passion for collaborating with creatives to capture and share the beauty of their work. During her time on the team, she has discovered a love for interior design and enhancing the environments of clients in meaningful and lasting ways. 

When she isn't doing just that, you will find her with friends and family, practicing photography or trying out a new restaurant.